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To Whom It May Concern

 Bowman Morse has managed one of my properties in upper North Adelaide for many years and I have been very pleased with their service and approach.

When I decided to sell the property late last year they introduced me to Monika Schurr.

I was not looking for a big name agent, I wanted someone who was hands on, knew the local market and was commercially astute.   As Monika presented herself, I sensed she had all these things and particularly the latter.

It is also a peculiar property, an architectural design, but not a typical box, so it needed a special approach to achieve strong market interest.

Before we formally agreed to her appointment, she introduced me to a staging contractor and all of us had a very collaborative discussion concerning marketing and the transaction strategies.  As a team we then went about implementing them.

The results have been above my expectations.  We sold within 4 weeks of commencing marketing and at a price I only hoped for.

Monika has been very attentive to attracting buyers, securing their interest and managing them in an ethical manner. 

I feel we have had a terrific result.

I am very happy to recommend Monika to other sellers.  

Chris – Vendor


I would like to take this opportunity to express a sincere “THANK YOU” to Tracey Wilby and Bowman Morse Real Estate for the professional assistance that I received during my 3 year tenancy at 35 Myer Road, Sturt.It has been a pleasure living in this home.From the beginning, Tracey always had a smile on her face and displayed a kind, friendly, approachable disposition. She has always been diligent in attending to any issues regarding maintenance and ensured that we as tenants were not inconvenienced for prolonged periods of time.When I notified your Agency of my intention to break the lease (due to my purchasing my own home), Tracey was both understanding and supportive, and diligently sought to find a new tenant to help avoid any unnecessary ongoing rental fees, for which I am very grateful.I would not hesitate in contacting Tracey in the future, to assist in finding a suitable tenant, should I decide to rent out my own property.Thank you so much Tracey for all your assistance, you deserve a medal (perhaps a promotion/pay rise of some sort). We will miss you.

Juneeta and Rebekah Corrigan – Tenants


Thank you Tahlia for providing me with a rewarding, positive experience.  You are professional in your attitude, courteous and reliable.You’ve always shown diligence and judgement in the selection of the tenants.  I’ve appreciated your promptness in informing me of any issues with the unit and of then arranging follow up to resolve the problem.  This shows respect for the tenants as well as to me.You’ve made yourself available to me over the phone and I’ve appreciated this direct communication, so that I can understand  more complicated situations and have any questions answered immediately.  Wonderful! With the capable Bowman Morse admin staff in the background, the overall effect is that I’m able to relax, knowing that all aspects of the rental management are in good hands.

Margaret  –    Landlord


Thank you Monika for your expert handling of the sale of my unit at Woodville Gardens.  Your advice to me was always spot on and I had no doubts in following it, to a successful outcome!I appreciated your professionalism and your energy and persistence with the process of marketing and sale.  You also seemed to have a great empathy and understanding  with the tenants in relation to open inspections and I thank you for that.I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone thinking of selling their property.

Margaret – Vendor


Thank you for managing our properties for the past 6 years. We have appreciated your responsiveness, your professionalism and your good humor. I recommend Bowman Morse highly to anyone I meet who is looking for their property to be managed.

Donna – Landlord

Thank you Donna, it was a pleasure working with you in the management of your properties.


The best rental experience we have had; and, continuing to refer friends.

Maritza – Tenant, North Adelaide

Thank you Maritza, it was a pleasure working with you.


I’m very happy with the way it’s turned out  and I appreciate all your help over the years , it’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with you (Tracey Gillard)

David – Landlord, Adelaide

Thank you David for your feedback


Thanks again for taking care of our property.  You have been a wonderful Property Manager (Tracey Gillard) always helpful and friendly and it has been a pleasure doing business with you.  I would recommend you to anyone that would be looking for someone to look after their property.

Wendy – Landlord Devon Park


Just want to thank you for being such an amazing property manager (Tracey Gillard)- I’ve heard horror stories about landlords taking months to fix things but you’ve just been a dream to deal with.

Thank you for making the house so comfortable!

Rob – Tenant, North Adelaide

Thank you Rob. Enjoy your new address!


Would like to say thank you for the professional service shown by yourself Tracey Gillard (and Bowman Morse) as serviced over the last 10+ years – Have always been very confident in the you (the team’s) approach to resolve issues and obtain tenancies for the property.

Jonathon – Landlord, North Adelaide

Thank you Jonathon, it was a pleasure working with you.


“Thank you for selling our townhouse even though for me it was a bit sad to sell but it has served its purpose with our son living in it since 2008.  Once our son moved out we have had it rented through Bowman Morse.   Tracey Wilby managed our property extremely well by picking the right tenants which would be a challenging  job but obviously she is very experienced and does a great job.

You did a wonderful job and went to great efforts to keep the tenants happy when they had to have open inspections so I thank you for that.

Hope to catch up for a coffee sometime in the near future.”

Wendy – Vendor

Thank you Wendy for your feedback


“It was good to meet you finally and I wish to thank you for taking such good care of the house over the years.

Obviously I was delighted when I saw the house again after 19 years.  Everything seemed better than I remembered.  And the tenants seem responsible and much artier than I would have thought possible.

So thank you for all your help and I look forward to continuing to work with you.”

Recent Customer, Landlord Goodwood.


‘Bowman Morse treats their tenants with respect and looks after landlords with great professionalism. Graham Thamm is wonderful to deal with. Gaby Ascher is an exceptional property manager who gives excellent advice and solves problems so that you don’t have to stay on top of every detail of your rental property. I highly recommend them as property managers.”

Miranda – Landlord, Torrensville

Thank you Miranda. We really enjoyed working with you during the management of your property.


“Have been a Tenant registered with Bowman Morse for 4.5 yrs. Very happy with them.”

Jodie – Tenant

Thank you Jodie. Please to hear of your positive experience with Bowman Morse Real Estate.


“I was a tenant a few years ago and my previous property manager, Graham, was excellent. I never had such a good manager before in Adelaide. He was very responsible, responsive, kind and respectful for the tenants. Whenever I asked the issues, he responded immediately and found the best solution. Even I had to move the property after 2 years, I still remembered he was the best.”

Hyewon – Tenant

Thank you Hyewon for your feedback. It was a pleasure having you as an occupant in one of our properties.


“As a tenant, I have nothing but good experience. I moved in to a property that my partner was already living in for a while. There was no issues with me becoming co-tenant, never had issues with inspections, and when we moved out, even though there was few things that could have been taken out from our bond, we still got all of it back. Graham was professional and helpful with every interaction we had with him. Very happy with this company :)”

Jagoda – Tenant

Thank you Jagoda for your feedback. It was pleasure to have you as an occupant in one of our properties.


“I highly recommend this agency to all prospective customers, whether they be vendors, buyers, or renters. With Bowman Morse it’s all about the personal touch – they treat you like more than just another customer, and really care about building strong relationships. They are responsive and highly professional, and they would always be my first choice of realtor.”

Dwayne – Tenant

Thank you for your positive feedback. It was a pleasure working with you.


“Really good agency with nice and hardworking real estate agents. I recently got in contact with Gaby Ascher and she’s lovely lady and I got a quick response from her. I would like to suggest this agency. I have never had such a quick response from another agency. Really appreciate it. Thank you for your help Gaby.”

Priya – Tenant

Thank you Priya for your feedback on your positive experience with our agent.